Plumbing Design services consultancy

Plumbing Design services consultancy

Plumbing Design Services and Drainage System Design Services from Millat Constants

Plumbing and Drainage System Design/ Plumbing Engineering Drafting Drawings include accurate and comprehensive drawings for residential, industrial, commercial buildings. Our designs are all inclusive and include drainage layouts, plumbing fixtures, vents, piping for the entire building.

Our specialized services include

Plumbing and Drainage System Design Services

  • Storm Water Drainage Diagram
  • Sanitary Drainage and Vent Diagram
  • Water supply layout drawings
  • Natural Gas¬†layout drawings
  • Sewerage layout drawings

Qualified engineers with civil and plumbing engineering experience

Millat Consultants maintains quality by recruiting highly qualified engineers. Our engineers are experienced in reverse engineering, prototype creation, system level simulations and can create 2D and 3D CAD designs suited to the client’s customized specifications. Our team of plumbing engineers and draftsmen has extensive work experience in IT and engineering services

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